Information for first-year students

Dear first-year students,

We, your student council for Communication Science & Psychology, are very much looking forward to welcoming you here in Aachen next week.

The preparations for your introduction week are in full swing and on October 4th you will finally start your studies with us.

You will of course receive the schedule, which you can see below, from your tutors and you can also find it at:

The following is of interest to you at this point:

  • The week begins with the introduction of the rector at the C.A.R.L. in Claßenstraße. You can’t miss the building. After you have been welcomed by us, your student council, you will be picked up by your tutor. You will recognise us by a very large, petrol-coloured flag.
  • The first meeting with your tutors gives you the opportunity to get to know your tutors for the week as well as your fellow students. All the important information about the week will be explained to you there.
  • Important issues can of course already be addressed at this first meeting. However, many questions you might have – for example, “How do I register for my courses?”, “What is RWTHOnline? – will be clarified in extra time slots during the week.
  • The optional Digital IT Introduction is only relevant for you if you are in quarantine or have absolutely no possibility to come to your institute introduction. Please contact us if you have any questions.
  • One or two items on the schedule may have to be adjusted due to last-minute changes on the part of the university. The schedule shown here is therefore subject to change and will be communicated to you in the final version by your tutor.

Finally, all we can say is: We are really looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday in front of the C.A.R.L!

Until then, all the best,

Your student council 7/3